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Bitten: Confessions of a Menopausal Vampire

She’s undead in Seattle, starved of estrogen … and ravenous for payback!

Kristen’s fiancé Rick turns into Houdini and pulls a disappearing act. Now years later her husband deserts her for a younger woman. Disgusted with life itself, menopausal to boot, she doesn’t know what to do when Rick turns up—still young and handsome. Against her better judgment, but with her hormones going haywire, she accepts a date, and finds herself waking up in the morgue as an illegally made vampire.

Rick must hide his mistake or everyone dies. But Kristen refuses to go quietly undead into the dark, because her age, lack of estrogen and other physical and mental anomalies make her a very unusual powerful vampire with none of the limitations. And she has a bucket list a mile long of people who have done her wrong, and an eternity for payback.

Excerpt from “…a hilarious new twist on the vampire genre with Melinda Rucker Haynes’s menopausal vampire’s outrageous tell-all, BITTEN: Confessions of a Menopausal Vampire.”

Instantly self-conscious, I wanted to hide under the covers. “Um, well, I haven’t been feeling all that great since our date. Not sleeping. Dreaming crazy stuff … I’m not dreaming, though, am I?” My memory began to reinstate itself in startling detail. “Oh. My. God.”

Rick sat again and put his arms around me, drawing me to his chest. “No, my sweet Kristen, you are not dreaming.”

I couldn’t even summon tears. Strange images clarified into horrifying memories. “You brought me here that night!”

He held me away from him and laughed at my terrified anger. “Yes, I did. I owed you that much. One last go for old time’s sake, you know? See if that hot chick was still in there someplace.” He peered at me as if searching for the girl I once was.

I pushed him away and tried to get up. Rick pinned me down, his mouth so close to my nose that I got a good whiff of what he was. He smelled of potted meat, dead and preserved with a hint of sweet decay.

“Yes, that’s a good description,” he answered my thought.

Kudos for Melinda Rucker Haynes

Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest, Romance Category Finalist Award

“Melinda Rucker Haynes puts a hilarious new twist on the vampire genre with her menopausal vampire’s outrageous tell-all, BITTEN: Confessions of a Menopausal Vampire.”

~Darcy Carson, award winning author of He Walks in Dreams

“Fresh, Fierce, and Funny. A vampire story with heat and hot flashes!”

~Lisa Wanttaja, award-winning author of Buffalo Gal

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Award-Winning Reincarnation Romantic Thriller

The Eternal Trust

The Eternal Trust

The love of a soulmate can be the death of you, again and again.

Dorel Everly receives a legacy from her grandfather—a beautiful and beguiling samurai sword that brings the man she’s been waiting for into her life. Michael Gabrielli, airline pilot and former military special ops psychic spy, uses remote viewing to travel through time to find an ancient samurai sword that bestows vast owner upon the owner. Dorel’s sword. He wants it and her, but his love could very well mean the death of both of them. Again.

Sequel to Award-Winning The Eternal Trust

Breach of Trust

Breach of Trust

A highly original reincarnation romantic thriller of lovers tested in breathless plunge into in the realm of the subconscious and past lives.

In this sequel to the critically acclaimed The Eternal Trust Jonathan Spence has no memory of being a psychic spy until past life hypnotherapist Rian Farsante helps him remember too much. He wants to trust her but has good reasons to listen to his instincts.

Rian knows the one thing Spence doesn’t—his past. She’s been hired to bring him back into the fold of psychic spies and assassins and must accomplish her mission—even if it breaks her heart.

Together, they discover their bond throughout eternity to each other and to an ancient sword that bestows vast power upon the owner.

Thrust into a battle for life and love, Rian and Spence must overcome their separate and shared pasts if they are going to overcome the breach of trust between them.

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Multiple Award-Winning Young Adult Paranormal Thriller

The Haunting of Josh Weston

The Haunting of Josh Weston

A haunted past drives him to battle the living and the dead for life and love—or death.

After the death of his cousin and his father’s subsequent death in Afghanistan, former star athlete and gifted student, Josh Weston and his mother move to a desolate ranch in the Arizona desert. Josh blames himself for his father’s death and for the shooting of his best friend. Besides giving up on everything he used be great at, he is relentlessly bullied at his new school.

Unable to see any way out of his problems, he tries to end it all one moonlit night. Two of the mystical ranch’s ghosts stop him and pull him into dangerous tests of courage and intellect. Josh must learn to draw on his strengths and confront the haunted past that threatens his life and possible future with the beautiful and daring girl next door.

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Multiple Award-Winning Young Adult Ghost Romance

Ghostly Acts

Ghostly Acts

Her parents have moved her to hell and she’s in the fight for her life.

The world is ending…or so it seems for junior tennis champion Ele O’Neill. How can she face life in a Montana ghost town after Seattle? No tennis courts, no friends, and she’s stuck in a falling down old theatre with a rotten little brother and parents who are acting like aliens. And something’s hiding in Ele’s room, watching her every move, but no one will listen to her.

Steven Douglas is a nineteen-year-old cowboy with one little problem—he’s been dead for over one hundred fifty years. He’s supposed to protect the weird O’Neill family from unimaginable evil lurking in the theatre, but the modern world of tight jeans and outspoken young ladies—namely tall, blonde Ele O’Neill—has his full attention.

Though he seems kind of old-fashioned, Ele soon learns her ghost boyfriend Steven will brave her parents and hell itself to save her—and he’ll have to!

A Business Affair

A Business Affair

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