Breach of Trust

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  Breach of Trust

The Eternal Trust Trilogy – Book 2

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Spine-tingling sequel to THE ETERNAL TRUST


Across time and dimension, soul mates bound by an ETERNAL TRUST battle to possess the vast power embodied within an ancient samurai sword … or choose love and live.


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“Melinda Rucker Haynes takes readers on a breathless plunge into the realm of the sub-conscious. Spine-tingling and cutting-edge, BREACH OF TRUST is a highly original romantic thriller, offering a glimpse into realms that few authors dare to explore, let alone tackle with such incredible expertise.”

Susan Grant, best-selling author of CONTACT.


The Sword returns in a spine-tingling, cutting-edge sequel to The Eternal Trust, a highly original romantic thriller taking readers on a breathless plunge into the realm of the sub-conscious.

Jonathan Spencer has no memory of being a psychic spy until past life hypnotherapist Dr. Rian Farsante helps him remember too much. He wants to trust her, but has good reasons to listen to his instincts.

Rian knows the one thing Spence doesn’t–his past. She’s been hired to bring him back into the fold of psychic spies and assassins, and must accomplish her mission–even if it breaks her heart.

Together, they discover their bond throughout eternity to each other and to an ancient sword that bestows vast power upon the owner. Thrust into a battle for life and love, Rian and Spence must overcome their separate and shared pasts if they are going to surmount the breach of trust between them.



Publisher’s Weekly

Jonathan Spencer discovers through hypnotherapy that he’s been a psychic spy in a past life.

Romantic Times Magazine

“… entertaining paranormal romance BREACH OF TRUST by Melinda Rucker Haynes. Rian, a past-life hypnotherapist, works with Spence to break through the murky areas of his life. He finds more than he expected: ancient magic, past lives and psychic talents turned to nefarious purposes. Rian and Spence are linked to each other and to magic swords forged in blood a thousand years past. When Spence realizes he once worked undercover for a shadowy government agency that wiped his memory, he begins to suspect Rian is more than she seems.”

“exciting romantic fantasy” FIVE STARS

In Seattle Jonathan Spencer senses his brain contains a Grand Canyon of a blank spot that feels as if he lost a major memory. His best friend informs Jonathan that they used to be psychic spies for the Navy when they were SEALs, but their memories were erased except that his buddy insists that he retained total recall. Jonathan cannot accept this weird explanation.

Dr. Rian Farsante offers to help Jonathan deal with his problem including insomnia, but he rejects her overtures although he is immensely attracted to her. Rian likes Jonathan too, but regrets that her a ssignment is to bring him back into the active world of psychic espionage. As they become acquainted, since she seems to be everywhere, they fall in love. However, even a bond forged through eternity and previous lives together will probably fail, as this couple has to overcome distrust of one another and a powerful enemy.

This exciting romantic fantasy will make believers of readers that reincarnation happens as Melinda Rucker Haynes blends her story line around that theme. The lead couple is a charming duet struggling to overcome her BREACH OF TRUST in their relationship while the support cast augments the depth fans see of the protagonists. Though much of the first half of the plot is domestic establishing the personalities of Jonathan and Rian, sub-genre fans will appreciate this fine tale.

“The saga of ‘The Trust’ continues with Spence’s story”

Readers will not be disappointed in the eagerly anticipated sequel to The Eternal Trust. Ms. Haynes proves once again she is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the paranormal romance genre. Jonathon “Spence” Spencer does not remember much about his past, he does not remember he was once a part of a secret organization of spies who used psychic abilities to get information on their subjects. He does not remember he was once the best man on the team, or that he used to act as an assassin for this organization. He is perfectly content in the life he has created for himself as a security systems specialist over the past 5-10 years, the close relationship he has built with his best friend Mike Gabrielli and Mike’s wife and son.

Rian Farsante works undercover for Datascape, the biggest client Spence has in his small business, and unbeknownst to him, the very agency he worked for and of which he has no memory. Her cover, and her favored career, is a licensed psychologist specializing in past life regression therapy. Her real job was to track down Spence as Datascape wants him back for a mission only he can handle. What she never counted on was the connection between her and Spence, one that has lived through several of their past lives together.

The samurai sword that brought Mike and Dorel together, changing their lives forever and nearly killing them, has been found. Despite being destroyed several years earlier by Spence, it still holds immense power in the curse placed on it at forging. Datascape wants that power for reasons unknown to any but the highest echelons of its organization and the only one who can repair the sword and awaken the power again is the very man who destroyed it.

Some quick thinking on Rian’s part, and months of work battering down his psychic defenses, convinces Spence to allow her to regress him when he starts having unexplainable lapses of consciousness. What they find in their sessions neither expected. They have a history of past lives together as a very-much-in-love pair of soul mates. Spence’s memory does begin to come back as well, having terrible consequences for him and Rian.

The two are in a race against time when they find out Datascape wants Spence at any cost, no matter the danger to any of those Spence loves. They must solve the mystery of the sword, and unlock their secrets, before it falls into the wrong hands. They must enlist Mike and Dorel’s, whose past experience with the sword changed them for good, if they hope to conquer the evil once and for all. But secrets revealed bring about a huge betrayal, making Spence doubt those closest, not knowing who to trust. Revelations about the sword and its creation shock them all, turning everything upside down, and giving more reason to fear for their lives. They find they must rely on their love of many lifetimes, and trust that, if they ever hope to survive in this one.

Hang on to your hats, and buckle up your seatbelts! You are in for quite an adventurous ride! With a plot that spans continents… and generations; this continuation of the saga of the Sword is non-stop. There is everything that makes a good romance (and adventure) great here with a hero to die for (quite literally for some), a strong heroine who knows how to take care of herself all the while being as feminine as can be, a mystery that takes so many twists and turns one never knows which end is up, ancient curses and untold powers, an ending that just screams for another story, what more could a reader ask for?

Be forewarned this story is not for one looking for a light read. This plot is very complex – to the point it can be slightly confusing during flashback scenes if one is not paying close attention – and requires lots of thinking to follow the threads. This is a little bit slower of a read, not because of the story, but because the reader is thinking things through as they unfold. However, this is a fascinating story, with a glimpse into the otherwordly. It is apparent that Ms. Haynes is an expert in her field, being a hypnotherapist herself, and she weaves this knowledge into her story seamlessly. Also of note, this book’s ending leaves no doubt in anyone’s minds that the series will continue. This reviewer doesn’t know how she’ll be able to wait for the next chapter in this compelling series. This book is not to be missed!

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“Melinda Rucker Haynes takes readers on a breathless plunge into the realm of the sub-conscious. Spine-tingling and cutting-edge, BREACH OF TRUST is a highly original romantic thriller, offering a glimpse into realms that few authors dare to explore, let alone tackle with such incredible expertise.”


“BREACH OF TRUST is a magical mystery tour of adventure and possibilities. Powerful and compelling, Melinda Rucker Haynes has penned a speculative fiction must-read novel! Don’t miss this one!”


“Intriguing. Do not miss BREACH OF TRUST!”


“Danger, romance and the quest for power are masterfully woven through Melinda Rucker Haynes’ newest novel, BREACH OF TRUST.”


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