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  The Eternal Trust

The Eternal Trust Trilogy – Book 1

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A unique paranormal romance of good battling evil.


Across time and dimension, soul mates bound by an ETERNAL TRUST battle to possess the vast power embodied within an ancient samurai sword … or choose love and live.


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“No man can resist the power of the sword …

No woman can resist the man who wields the power.”


Dorel Everly receives a legacy from her grandfather–a beautiful and beguiling samurai sword that brings the man she’s been waiting for into her life. Michael Gabrielli, airline pilot and former military special ops psychic spy, uses remote viewing to travel through time to find an ancient samurai sword that bestows vast power upon the owner. Dorel’s sword. He wants it and her, but his love could very well mean the death of both of them. Again.




Booklist Review

Just after Dorel Everly has lost everything–her beloved grandfather, her engineering job with Boeing, her house-sitting job, and all her savings–a courier shows up with a samurai sword left to her by her grandfather. When she investigates selling it at a weapons show, she meets Michael Gabrielli, a pilot who had been a psychic spy in the military, and is swept with him into a maelstrom of danger and adventure involving ninjas and past-life experiences. Dorel and Michael had been linked with the mysterious sword through several lifetimes in an Eternal Trust as the Defender and Guardian. If they are to avoid a terrible death, Dorel must find a way to defeat the cycle. Originally published as an e-book, Haynes’ tale won the 2001 Eppie Award (e-book) for Best Fantasy/Paranormal Romance.

Publisher’s Weekly (SF/Fantasy/Horror NOTES, June Publications)


When Dorel Everly inherits a mysterious sword from her grandfather, it brings her a love she’s known in a nother life, but his passion has a dangerous edge. Melinda Rucker Haynes’s The Eternal Trust was originally released as an e-book, but with four stars from Romantic Times Magazine, it seems like a good bet for print–which it is: Haynes crafts a highly readable romance complete with a “trained psychic spy,” a magical samurai sword, time travel and a lesson about the “transformational power of love.”

4 Star Rating Romantic Times Magazine

Laid off with no place to live and in need of money, Dorel Everly decides to sell the sword left to her by her grandfather. She has no idea that there is power beholden in the sword and that evil lurks until a strange encounter with Mike Gabrielli, a collector of ancient weapons, sets the wheels in motion.

Betrayed by those closest to her, Dorel has no one to turn to expect Mike–who wants the sword more than anything else in life. As death and destruction follow them, Mike and Dorel work together to learn all they can of the sword. They must find a way to break the eternal trust they are bound to and the power the sword has over them.

The Eternal Trust is a unique paranormal romance of good battling evil. Dorel is truly the heroine of the story, but Michael is definitely worth saving. A truly fascinating story.

Very Highly Recommended, MIDWEST FICTION REVIEWS

Paranormal romance? Reincarnation? Soul mates? Captives of their own destiny? Romantic suspense? An interesting, engrossing read? A real page turner? Oh, yes, all that and more. THE ETERNAL TRUST explores possibilities, raises blood pressure, and gives an absolutely blow your-mind read.

House-sitter and newly out-of-work aeronautical engineer, Dorel Everly receives a legacy from her grandfather. The samurai sword brings the man she’s been waiting for into her life. She learns he, airline pilot Michael Gabrielli, is a former military special ops psychic spy. He uses remote viewing to travel through time to find an ancient samurai sword that bestows vast power upon the owner. Her sword. He wants it and her, but from the looks and actions of the bad guys, his love for her could very well mean the death of both of them. Again.

This is one of those books the reader will either love or hate–and will read it to the end to prove their emotional reaction is right. Okay, I confess, I loved it, loved every word, the plot, the characters, the dog, the cat, and the ending. No, I’m not going to give that away, but it is wonderful.

4 Stars Rating Scribes World Reviews

In the distant past, a samurai lord and his lady made a soul oath to reincarnate together in their next lifetime as the Defender and Guardian, he to battle evil, she to hold his sword in trust until his next incarnation was ready to resume the battle. But the power of the sword proved too tempting a lure, and her lord lived only to wield the sword in battle, lifetime after lifetime. Until now, when the Guardian has been reborn as fiercely independent Dorel Everly, the one woman who has a chance to break the Eternal Trust and set them both free. The current incarnation of the Defender, Michael Gabrielli, former Navy SEAL and Black Ops operative, and expert on all things martial and Japanese, is more than willing to lose himself to the power of the sword. But if he succumbs to the power of the sword, he’ll lose Dorel forever. Is the power of their love sufficient to overcome the centuries-rich power of the sword? Can they defeat the enemies ranged against them without using the sword?

The Eternal Trust is a Mobius strip of a story, twisting and turning and endlessly wrapping around itself as the primary plot, of Dorel and Michael’s romance and attempt to survive long enough to destroy the Trust, weaves in and out of the stories of past Guardians and Defenders. Actions in one life have repercussions in the next, and answers to questions in this life can be found in the past. As a certified hypnotherapist, Melinda Rucker Haynes writes with an insider’s knowledge about reincarnation, out of body experiences, astral projection and mental time travel that I found both compelling and intriguing. She also displays a wealth of detailed information about Japanese culture and military history that greatly enriches the story without ever overwhelming it. And her deft humor, especially regarding the antics of Michael’s dog and cat, had me laughing out loud and reading passages of the book to members of my family.

The primary characters, Dorel and Michael, as well as their last incarnation, Michiko and Fusao, are well-rounded and robust, as is the character of Dorel’s grandfather, seen mainly in flashbacks and journal entries . . . the book remains an overall engrossing and enjoyable read.

Barnes & Noble Books, Paranormal Romance Reviews

In Seattle, Boeing engineer Dorel Everly is laid off just two days after her beloved grandfather’s funeral. Still in shock from the double blows, a monk visits Dorel at her home to give her an enclosed case that her grandfather entrusted to him. Dorel opens the case to see it contains a samurai sword.

Desperate for money, Dorel leans towards selling the sword even if it is her grandfather’s legacy. However, pilot Mike Gabrielli traces the sword to Dorel. He wants the sword, but also desires Dorel in his life. She reciprocates his feelings, but others are now aware of where the sword is. These malevolent beings will murder to possess this particular sword that contains special powers. Only if they trust in the love that has a long history well before the incarnation of Mike and Dorel and learn about THE ETERNAL TRUST that bound the sword to them might Mike and Dorel stand a chance to survive.

THE ETERNAL TRUST is a cogent paranormal romance that centers on the battle between good and evil. Though the story line takes some adjustment to the flashbacks and journal entries, readers will find that even using that typically passive technique, the plot is action-packed yet the characters not lost in the focus. Mike is a wonderful hunk who will risk his life for his beloved while the heroine struggles to find her place in the latest war. Melinda Rucker Haynes provides a wonderful journey into a strange world that seems so real due to the author’s ability to create quite a tale.

Romance Reviews Today

Over fifty-five years ago in war-torn China, an ancient Samurai sword was pried from the dying hands of Baron Fusao Tsuji by his baroness and given to young US Navy Lieutenant Martin Everly. In the brief moments before joining her husband on a different plane of existence, she told Everly the sword was for his granddaughter, who would be the new guardian and who would have a chance to break the cycle and stop the killing.

Doral Everly’s life definitely hits a bad patch. Only two days after her beloved grandfather’s funeral, she loses her job as a Boeing engineer, and the family for whom she’s house-sitting comes home early. She’s out of a job, out of a place to live, and will soon be out of money. Her grandfather’s Leukemia drained their combined assets. The only bright spot is a visit from a Buddhist monk who brings the antique sword entrusted to him by her grandfather, a last legacy from Martin Everly, and one she hopes to sell for a good price at an arms collectors show.

Mike Gabrielli has many talents. He’s a commercial 747 pilot, a collector of oriental antiquities, an expert on antique arms, and an ex psychic spy for the military–Mike can send his astral body out into time and space. It’s as though he’s been waiting his whole life for something, and the call finally draws him toward the convention center and the booth of his friend, arms dealer Jonathan Spencer.

And so the Guardian and the Protector meet in this life as their souls have met so many lives before. The sword has brought them together and promises them, “I will awaken to thy hand. Eternally shall we battle evil.” While Mike easily accepts the sword and its power, Doral is skeptical and not a little afraid, and rightly so. Others want the sword for themselves–at any price. And just perhaps the power of the sword is not all for good. Remember what they say about power and corruption?

The foundation premise of THE ETERNAL TRUST is that souls do not die, but move onto other levels of existence until they are born again. And sometimes communication can exist between levels, and memories can be recovered from past lives. Given that reality, the plot moves swiftly into edge of the seat suspense with betrayals, fights to the death, uncanny voices and a passion left over from centuries past.

The story has strong internal and external conflict, and it’s written for maximum effect. Often, when you think you have it all figured out, you find a surprise around the corner. Doral makes a strong modern heroine, but Mike is much more complex. Between his psychic abilities and the influence of the sword, and his mixed feeling for Doral, his next action is hard to predict.

For a journey into the paranormal with thrills, chills and a clear demonstration of the importance and power of love, give THE ETERNAL TRUST a try.

Author Recommendations:


“Melinda Haynes is an incredible talent! The Eternal Trust is sure to entertain the most discriminating reader.”

Katherine Sutcliffe, USA Today Best-selling author


“The Eternal Trust showcases Melinda Rucker Haynes’s lively style.”

Stella Cameron, New York Times Best-selling author


“… dark and delicious–Melinda Rucker Haynes skillfully weaves suspense, adventure and mystery into every page.”

Pam Binder, New York Times Best-selling author