Chill Halloween Tale–GHOSTLY ACTS

My award-winning and chillingly fun ghost romance for all ages GHOSTLY ACTS is now available on This is my favorite YA novel that I’ve written–so far. There might be a bit of Mmmmmmmm “experience” in the book that I put the crazy O’Neill family through. My favorite character may be the rotten little brother Eugene, though the cowboy ghost boyfriend is to die for. Don’t think the heroine, Ele O’Neill, the Seattle teen queen I move to ghost town hell Montana, is anyone I know but is a composite character. However, the situation may be kinda reflective of moving a kid I do know in the middle of his junior year to a new high school.  Eeeeeek. I shall ever endeavor to atone for that one. Do have a read of GHOSTLY ACTS because I laughed and loved that family all the way through the story. Hope you do too!

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