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Guided imagery relaxation is also known as hypnosis or meditation. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. You are in and out of hypnosis many times each day. When you daydream, going to sleep or waking up. When you’re engrossed in a book, TV program or movie. When you meditate. Hypnosis is actually a state of focused concentration. It is not sleep. You are aware of everything, sometimes hyperaware of sounds, sensations, even odors, but you choose to give your attention to one thing. You are in complete control of your Personal Time Travel© experience, because all hypnosis is self hypnosis and the results are dependent upon your motivation and your willingness to let your imagination, your innerself express itself freely.

Personal Time Travel© is a safe and relaxing process to guide you into a light to medium hypnotic trance and teach you self-hypnosis. With practice, you will be able to take yourself into trance, into your creative centre at any appropriate time, quickly and effectively.

When you go into light trance or what is called an alpha state, you can deal directly with the subconscious that is believed a part of or link to Universal Mind, the higher self or soul, the infinite without time or space. Personal Time Travel© is a form of regression hypnosis and works on the premise that the subconscious has access to all that the individual, all that you are. All that you have been and all that you will be in the timeless, spaceless universal mind. Was. And will be in the timeless, spaceless universal mind.

It is not necessary to believe in past lives or reincarnation to have a relaxing, refreshing and interesting Personal Time Travel experience.

As you relax and focus your attention on relaxing your body, you are helping your brain to focus on doing something nice and pleasant for your body rather than tensing it up and stressing it with detrimental hormones or chemicals. As your body relaxes, your conscious mind is quieted and your subconscious, your inner self can be accessed. You discover your creative centre and are inspired and grateful for the wonderful gifts you find there. You discover your true creative self, the inspired self of infinite ability and vast skills at your disposal to improve your creative expression, your life and the world.

Personal Time Travel© takes you within yourself and you may wish to keep a journal of your travels and your impressions and experiences that come from your relaxation during Journey Preparation.

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and inspiration with a PERSONAL TIME TRAVEL© Audio CD by Melinda Rucker Haynes, M.Ed., CH.

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