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Editors and readers clamor for something new. Fresh. Unique. Most writers have no difficulty coming up with a story idea or plot, characters and setting. But often when the writer begins to write the story and bring the fiction elements of plot, character, setting, and theme together, the elements combine into a predictable, stale story.

This predictable combining doesn’t plague beginners only, but writers at every level, and occurs because the writer consciously and unconsciously makes familiar fiction element connections.

The writer may start with a different and potentially compelling character (or any fiction element), but pair the character with a predictable antagonist or conflict, ordinary setting or overworked theme to produce a story with few surprises. When writers do this, readers or reviewers have been known to apply the word “formula” to such novels.

The STORY COMPASS© process enhances creativity and encourages the writer to experiment. Most report that whether used as a pre-writing stimulator, for brainstorming or for specific fiction element development, the tool makes writing a fun, satisfying expression and experience again.

As a story creation device, STORY COMPASS© is very versatile. It can be used to create stories in any fiction genre such as poetry, science fiction, mystery, romance, children’s stories, folktales and myths, as well as nonfiction, including journalism, travel, humor, and any other interest area the writer has.

The uses of STORY COMPASS© are only limited by the needs and imagination of the writer/user.

More Creative Uses

STORY COMPASS© has been used in a clinical counseling setting and informal classes and workshops where participants deal with the components their own personal stories for self-discovery and growth as they make new combinations that may be considered possible and alternate outcomes or new endings to old stories.

The tool may be used in artistic projects such as photography, music, painting, quilting, wherever one wants to develop unique combinations of theme, media, subject, color, sound, or other elements particular to a given artistic expression.

STORY COMPASS© is creatively used by educators/home-schoolers to teach all content areas.

Note: The NEW STORY COMPASS© creative development tool is currently in production and will be available soon.

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