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Office or Playroom? It’s a Point of View & January Workshops at Mesa Library

Monday, December 4th, 2017


When the Mesa Main Library asked me to do two writers’ workshops in January 2018, they also wanted promo photos of me with my books.  I had to come up with some candid shots which I thought would be fun and more Mmmmme instead of the usual professional headshots. Yay, iPhone!

(Left) They asked for photos of my books, so I took this photo of all the editions of my novels that are on the shelf in my official office. I love this room with bookcases full of favorite books and mementos. My grandmother’s Navajo baskets and rugs are on the floor and my mother’s western art collection decorate the walls. There’s a heavy desk that I bought in 1978 and have moved a thousand times. My husband converted the closet into a printer center with paper and supplies storage. The other side of the closet holds my old tech collection–slide projector, screen, dozens of full carousel trays, my first computer, scanners, audio equip and other old techy stuff I must be saving for something. This is the library and my office because my desk and books are there, but I don’t write in that room so full of old stories and memories.


If I don’t write in the beautiful office, where does this writer’s magic happen? There’s a large, light-filled bedroom with a window seat on the front of the house overlooking the courtyard patio. This is my playroom where my particular brand of magic happens. I have all my favorite creativity jumpstarters around–my piano, sewing machine, a big worktable with space for my laptop and any project, audio equipment, a chimera (behind me), trophies and crowns that jog happy memories of creative success and make me laugh.


These are the pictures I sent to Mesa Library because they make me laugh. Don’t know if the Mesa staff are laughing, though. Oh. My. Guess I’ll find out January 25, 6:00-7:30 pm at the Mesa Library Dobson Ranch Branch for my writers’ workshop, Production Secrets of the Prolific Pros. I’ll present my Pay or Get Paid Publishing writers’ workshop January 27, 2:30-4:00 pm at the Mesa Main Library.

We’ll have lots of fun! Join us if you’re in the area.


Saturday, July 11th, 2015

bitten_200When I entered the Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s 2015 Literary Contest, I wasn’t sure which genre category my novel, BITTEN, fit. I settled on Romance/Women’s Fiction as my heroine is reunited with a long lost lover and she’s an older woman trying to regain her power after being betrayed by her husband. The Paranormal/Fantasy category would have worked as BITTEN is actually a very DIFFERENT and funny vampire story.

I shared with my fellow authors in our Editing Coop that I thought Women’s Fantasy would be a good genre descriptor for my story about a menopausal vampire who becomes more powerful than her maker. It was suggested that the word fantasy might have racier connotations than I intended. And wasn’t the word fantasy sometimes pejoratively used to describe women’s stories, issues and interests?

When I think of fantasy, I remember the old fairytales of Cinderella, Rapunzel and Scheherazade that entertained and encouraged me as a little girl growing up in a tiny town in northwestern Arizona. Nowadays, modern Disney movies such as Brave and Frozen are inspiring little girls and much older ones like me to be the stars of our own fairytales despite age, illness, or circumstance. I want Women’s Fantasy genre and my book, BITTEN, to suggest positive, even outrageous, potentials that inspire readers to live, laugh, love and dream.

But that’s just mmmmmmmmmmme.