BITTEN: Confessions of a Menopausal Vampire WINS 2020 PRISM AWARD


I entered my fun vampire romp in the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Chapter of RWA’s 2020 PRISM Contest in the light paranormal category and finaled. The book was awarded a 3rd place PRISM AWARD last month. Then three judges’ comments came in and I love to share their wonderful reviews:


Love the title and concept. The heroine was a great change of pace. She was used well to subvert many tropes popular in the paranormal and vampire genre.


Extremely well-written paranormal with believable and strong world-building and very believable characters. Spot-on dialogue and a satisfying ending.


Interesting plot. . . I will look for your other works 🙂


Life and Laughs of a “Facetious Little Squirt”



My really fun Featured Author interview, Life and Laughs of a “Facetious Little Squirt”, with Coleen M. Story is up at her wonderful website WRITING AND WELLNESS

Life and Laughs of A “Facetious Little Squirt”

by Melinda Rucker Haynes

I love to laugh so I always open with—I learned to write fiction when I was a grant writer.

In that reality, we also used to joke that grant proposals were judged by the weight. Therefore, repetitive and wordy details, explanations, descriptions, and narratives (much like this sentence) were essential structure for a winning proposal.

Another happy thing about my grant writing was that all my education research grant proposals won funding. Ah, the stimulating life of living on soft money! So, my expectations were quite high when I escaped academe to live abroad and write novels.

Note: It was an envious Ph.D. pedant who snarked from his teetering, terminally unfunded ivory tower that I was a Facetious Little Squirt. And I’ve endeavored to happily embrace my squirtness since.  (Click Here for Full Article)


BITTEN: Confessions of a Menopausal Vampire 2020 PRISM Award Finalist

My award-winning vampire parody, BITTEN: Confessions of a Menopausal Vampire is a FINALIST in Romance Writers of America, Fantasy Futuristic & Paranormal Special Interest Chapter’s PRISM contest for published writers. There will be a virtual awards ceremony this summer. BITTEN is available in eBook and paperback at all online retailers.


Need A Vacation? Start Here!


Hey, enough with this Staycation we’ve all got going on. What we need is a real vacation or the next best thing–a great story to sweep us into fun in the sun, romance, adventure and a great time with sparkling, witty, sexy and even some dangerous people who just might be trying to kill us.

My new romantic suspense novel, A BUSINESS AFFAIR, is available today in eBook and trade paperback at all online booksellers.


Hope you will too, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmelinda

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New Romantic Suspense–A BUSINESS AFFAIR

Available in eBook and Paperback April 8, 2020 at all Online Booksellers.


Financier Alyn Templeman has two choices. She must bail out her stepbrother’s business or shut it down for good. She’s used to dealing with high-class clients, but the sexy and former Navy fighter pilot Matt Barrett, is a class of his own. He thinks she’s there to give him a loan, but his sweet-talking has her mind on other matters. Accidents at his company evolve into attempted murder and treachery. Matt, who is falling fast for Alyn, needs to keep her safe. Yet, neither one knows who to trust. When it comes down to business or love will they get a chance to make it work, or will betrayal bankrupt their relationship?

Mmmmm’s Note: A BUSINESS AFFAIR is set near my childhood home in northwestern Arizona in Bullhead City and Laughlin, NV on the Colorado River. It was really fun to make two great characters miserable on a dangerous float trip down the Colorado River, and maybe fall in love if they live long enough. The float trip in the story is one I actually went on with my brother and four others, none of whom have any resemblance AT ALL to the financier and hot pilot in the book. It’s all pure fiction–except the raft sinking out of the first set of rapids, being stranded on a boiling rocky slope for hours until my brother came up with a very clever repair on the raft and we headed downriver through the next sets of rapids and safely home–that really happened.

If You Must. . .

“Judge gently all those playing roles in your life and experience, for according to the theory of reincarnation, you will all meet again in yet different roles until love prevails.” The Soul Searchers Series by Melinda Rucker Haynes



In my The Soul Searchers reincarnation thriller series, soulmates bound in a spiritual Eternal Trust struggle to choose love over lust for power, life after life. BREACH OF TRUST is the second book in that series and available at any online bookseller.

You’ll want to get the award-winning prequel THE ETERNAL TRUST audiobook FREE TRIAL at or email me and I’ll send you the free trial review code you can redeem at

Happy Book Birthday, BREACH OF TRUST!

Awarding-winning The Soul Searchers series second book, BREACH OF TRUST, is available today at all online retailers.


BREACH OF TRUST by Melinda Rucker Haynes

Jonathan Spencer has no memory of being a psychic spy until past life hypnotherapist Dr. Rian Farsante helps him remember too much. He wants to trust her but has good reasons to listen to his instincts. Rian knows the one thing Spence doesn’t—his past. She’s been hired to bring him back into the fold of psychic spies and assassins and must accomplish her mission—even if it breaks her heart. Thrust into a battle for life and love, Rian and Spence must overcome their separate and shared pasts. They must resist the lure of an ancient sword they have wielded in past lives, if they are going to overcome the breach of trust between them.


Melinda’s favorite passage from BREACH OF TRUST

No man can resist the sword. No woman can resist the man who wields it.

“Rian reached for the sword again, wrapping her fingers around the handle, and managed to lift it out of the dark channel. She lifted her gaze to Spence’s face. For an electric moment they connected beyond time and space. They loved each other and would be together again. That was their destiny. This minor drama would pass into eternity and be forgotten, but they would always be bonded with eternal love and never alone. She could do this for him. And more, she wanted to.”

Unique Fact about The Soul Searchers series and BREACH OF TRUST

The heroine is a psychologist who uses past life regression hypnotherapy to help the hero remember that he is a powerful psychic spy and hopes he will remember that he and she have been lovers in many lives. As a hypnotherapist certified in past life regression therapy, Melinda’s personal and professional past life explorations have inspired much of the characterizations, detail and situations of this series.


“ . . .exciting romantic fantasy.” FIVE STARS. Paranormal Romance Reviews, Barnes & Noble Reviews

“The saga of ‘The Trust’ continues with Spence’s story . . . This reviewer doesn’t know how she’ll be able to wait for the next chapter in this compelling series. This book is not to be missed!”

“Melinda Rucker Haynes takes readers on a breathless plunge into the realm of the sub-conscious. Spine-tingling and cutting-edge, Breach Of Trust is a highly original romantic thriller, offering a glimpse into realms that few authors dare to explore, let alone tackle with such incredible expertise.” Susan Grant, RITA award winning, best-selling author.

Breach Of Trust is a magical mystery tour of adventure and possibilities. Powerful and compelling, Melinda Rucker Haynes has penned a speculative fiction must-read novel! Don’t miss this one!” Deb Stover, award-winning author

“Intriguing. Do not miss Breach Of Trust!” Stella Cameron, New York Times bestselling author.

“Danger, romance and the quest for power are masterfully woven through Melinda Rucker Haynes’ newest novel, Breach Of Trust.” Pam Binder, New York Times best-selling author

“A fantastic, fast-paced reincarnation adventure romance with unique new age twists.  Wow!” Robin D. Owens, RITA award-winning author

Personal Time Travel Workshop at Tucson RWA Monthly Meeting, Saturday October 26

Find Your Story in the Past . . .

This story began in the past when I discovered the work of world renown psychiatrist Brian L. Weiss, M.D., who has been called the dean of past life regression therapy. Dr. Weiss has written several best-selling nonfiction books based upon his clinical practice. He has successfully treated thousands of clients with past life regression therapy, which he defines as the mental act of going back to an earlier time, whenever that time may be, in order to retrieve memories that may still be negatively influencing a patient’s present life and that are probably the source of the patient’s symptoms.

Regression hypnosis allows the mind to short-circuit conscious barriers to tap this information, including those barriers that prevent patients from consciously accessing their past lives.

Due to the proven efficacy and rising interest in past life regression therapy, Weiss reports that his appointment waiting list is limited to 5000 as he could never treat more than that in this lifetime. However, increasing numbers of people continue to contact his Miami-based Weiss Institute hopeful of scheduling private appointments for therapy and to explore their past lives. In order to serve those desiring consultations, Weiss instructs health care professionals in twice-yearly professional training courses at the Omega Institute in New York. After completing the training, one may qualify to join the Weiss Institute’s international referral network.

I was privileged to take the training from Dr. Weiss at the Omega Institute. It was an amazing experience to meet him and enjoy his delightful Woody Allenesque sense of humor. Nearly 80 health care professionals from all over the world absorbed Weiss’s scientific and theoretical lectures and watched him gently and compassionately demonstrate his techniques on volunteers. We then practiced on each other and learned hands-on how truly powerful, ecological and effective Weiss’s techniques are for healing and creating positive change. My own life changing experiences at the Weiss training reaffirmed my long-ago decision to study consciousness to help myself and others overcome negative emotions and limiting decisions that keep us from creating the lives we desire.

Access to the Higher Self, the Subconscious

After reading Dr. Weiss’s book Through Time into Healing, I was motivated to train as a certified hypnotherapist in1995. After that, I conducted past life regressions for writers and other creative people who wished to access their inner/higher selves, what I call their creative centres, which may also be thought of as the subconscious. Dr. Weiss explained (from Through Time into Healing) that the subconscious is:

  1. The part of our mind that lies beneath ordinary consciousness, beneath the constant bombardment of thoughts, feelings, outside stimuli, and other assaults on our awareness.
  2. The subconscious mind functions at a level deeper than our usual level of awareness. In the subconscious mind mental processes occur without our conscious perception of them. We experience moments of intuition, wisdom, and creativity when these subconscious processes flash into our conscious awareness.
  3. The subconscious is not limited by our imposed boundaries of logic, space, and time. It can remember everything from any time. It can transmit creative solutions to our problems. It can transcend the ordinary to touch upon wisdom far beyond our everyday capabilities.

Is It Real or Is It My Imagination?

Every writer, poet, artist or musician—anyone engaged in authentic creating—has experienced hypnosis or intense focus that is an altered state of consciousness from which their inspiration and creativity flows. Yet most people who haven’t been guided into hypnosis by a certified hypnotherapist or trained counselor don’t realize that in hypnosis, your mind is always aware and observing. Weiss explained that this is why people who may be deeply hypnotized and actively involved in a childhood or past life sequence of memories are able to answer the therapist’s questions, speak their current life language, know the geographical places they are seeing, and even know the year, which usually flashes before their inner eyes or just appears in their minds.

“The hypnotized or intensely focused mind, always retaining an awareness and a knowledge of the present, puts the childhood or past life memories in context. This is also the reason why a hypnotized patient, finding himself a peasant fighting in a medieval European war, for example, can recognize people from the past lifetime whom he knows in his current life. This is why he can speak modern English, compare the crude weapons of that time with those he might have seen or used in this lifetime, give dates and so on.” His present-day mind is aware, watching, commenting—is this real or is it my imagination?

A Good Reason for a Writer to Explore Past Life Regression

Relaxation + Refreshment = Creative Flow

“I love to be hypnotized! It feels soooo good,” says an author of paranormal and action/adventure romances. Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis anyone can feel so good, feel relaxed and refreshed anytime they consciously choose to calm their chattering minds, focus on their deep breathing and imagine relaxation like a warm light sweeping over their bodies, releasing the tension. This does such great things for the body and for our peace of mind. It is from this feeling of focused relaxation that we can sense our subconscious, and if we allow ourselves to imagine/think from this creative centre or perspective, we can experience creative flow. We can also gain access to memories, emotions and resources that may help us understand and improve our present situations.

When writers experience past life regression, they can use their personal past life experience to help them create authentic characters with real emotional depth, accurate settings and unique plots in their books. Many writers whom I’ve guided into past lives have discovered unusual or previously unknown details of an era or location that some have later confirmed with research. Perhaps the most important benefit of regression is experiencing the genuine emotions in a past life memory that a writer may then convey with brilliant authority and impact that deeply affects any reader of her inspired work.

As to how I, a writer of paranormal romances and thrillers, use my own past life regression experiences? I’ve experienced past lives as a writer, cleric, warrior, ship-wrecked sailor, pioneer woman, medieval serf, general, French noblewoman, French nursing sister/nun and many others. The emotions, plots and people I’ve encountered in my past life regressions all serve as guides or lessons for my present understanding of myself and my mission in this life. Through my hypnotherapy practice, research and regression experiences, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the continuing confirmation that each and every one of us is a magnificent spiritual being having an earth adventure. It is from that perspective that I’m trying to create a life any incarnation of me can learn from, just as I’m learning from past life triumphs and mistakes. And even if I’m a slow learner and still making mistakes in this life, I endeavor to create characters in my novels who may go through hell but do learn and are transformed by the choice to love, which in turn affects the reader in some positive way.

Hypnosis and past life regressions are excellent ways of exploring one’s inner landscape and accessing the higher self. So are prayer, meditation, yoga and relaxed imagining. Find the right one for you and allow yourself to create an inspired life and work.

Melinda Rucker Haynes’s Personal Time Travel© creative development process is intended to inspire writers and creatives to discover their inner resources and eliminate blocks that keep them from expressing their authentic creative gifts. Her critically-acclaimed paranormal reincarnation romantic thriller, THE ETERNAL TRUST is available ebook, paperback and audiobook at all online booksellers. Sequels BREACH OF TRUST and DIMENSIONS OF TRUST are coming soon.

Publishers Weekly BookLife Review & Colorado Romance Writers Cover Contest


The menopausal vampire loves getting a good review from Publishers Weekly, though she isn’t sure the reviewer actually knew the hormonal or behavioral differences between PMS and menopause, especially for this unusual vampire, who, though menopausal when BITTEN, still ain’t got no hormones–raging or otherwise. . .




BITTEN: Confessions of a Menopausal Vampire Melinda Rucker Haynes’s “quirky paranormal novel introduces a snarky vampire…who never quite takes control of her life…witty as she laments her situation…Werewolves, ghosts, and riddles set up…an entertaining series.”                                Publishers Weekly BookLife/August 2019


If you want to have some BITTEN fun, click HERE to vote for the fantastic cover in the Colorado Romance Writers Cover Contest. Scroll down to PARANORMAL and click on BITTEN. Apparently, both Melinda K Haynes and Melinda Rucker Haynes wrote and submitted this women’s fantasy. . .